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In addition to simply having fun at our missions, you can attempt to earn the achievements listed here. There are three standard achievement classes: Basic, Recruit, and Veteran; these are categorized based on their difficulty to earn. Furthermore, each achievement is also given one of the following affiliations: Human, Zombie, or Neutral.

There does exist a prestigious fourth class of achievement called Legendary. Legendary achievements are incredibly difficult to earn, and might only ever be awarded to a limited number of players. Some of these achievements will only be awardable at certain times. Legendary achievements that could feasibly be earned again (however unlikely) are listed at the bottom of this database.

~Note that all achievements must be verifiable by a moderator to be earned~


Staying AliveStart and complete a Mission as Human and end the Mission with Human Victory.BasicHuman
Vector of the ApocalypseKill a human in a one-night missionBasicZombie
Patient ZeroStart and complete a Mission as Zombie and end the Mission with Zombie Victory.BasicZombie
Playing The Long GamePlay in a weeklongBasicNeutral
InformedActually read club newsletters.BasicNeutral
Reporting for DutyRegister on the server.BasicNeutral
Holiday CheerParticipate in a holiday themed Mission.BasicNeutral
MembershipAttend 5 meetings within two spring/fall semestersBasicNeutral
One of UsBe turned Zombie during a Mission and end the Mission with Zombie Victory.BasicNeutral
DebriefingGive *honest* feedback on a Mission using the Mission Feedback Form. Must include your full name for the achievement to be awarded. Alternatively, attend and provide feedback at our weekly open community meeting.BasicNeutral


Et tu, BruteIn a weeklong, die by an OZ's 'sneak kill.' A sneak kill is defined as any kill made by an OZ that is still disguised and marked as humanRecruitHuman
Close but No CigarDie on the last day of a Weeklong.RecruitHuman
Who's Your Mommy?High-five every Broodmother in a single Mission as Human. There must be Broodmothers present in the Mission.RecruitHuman
RSVZBe an Original Zombie in an Invitational.RecruitZombie
Growing The HordeMake a kill in a weeklongRecruitZombie
Doing My PartAttend all 5 nights of a Weeklong.RecruitNeutral
First BloodBe the first player to die in a Weeklong.RecruitNeutral
ExperiencedAttend 25+ Missions.RecruitNeutral
AmbassadorAttend another HvZ club\'s Invitational or other large HvZ event.RecruitNeutral
Weekend WarriorAttend a Saturday Mission.RecruitNeutral
TributeParticipate in The UMBC HvZ Hunger Games.RecruitNeutral
RSVPParticipate in UMBC's Invitational.RecruitNeutral
2SpookyAttend Zombie Bash in costume.RecruitNeutral
Mission AuthorHave a Mission you wrote be run as a one-night Mission.RecruitNeutral


SurvivalistVoluntarily start a Mission with no blasters or equipment and survive until Human Victory is called, must be Human Victory. A moderator must verify you have no equipment prior to release. *Cannot be earned in round based missions*VeteranHuman
OZ MagnetBe killed by an OZ twice in the same school year. It doesn't matter if the OZ has been revealed or not, as long as they make the kill.VeteranHuman
Never Tell Me the OddsComplete the final objective in any single night mission of a Weeklong when the Zombies outnumber the Humans 4 to 1 upon completion of the objective.VeteranHuman
Vigilant TrackerMake a kill during a Weeklong game outside of the Night Missions.VeteranZombie
Chain KillHave 4+ kills in a single chain killVeteranZombie
RevengeDuring a weeklong, as a revealed zombie, kill the player that killed you in the previous weeklong that you played inVeteranZombie
It's Nothing PersonalAs a revealed zombie, kill the same player in consecutive weeklongs that you play inVeteranZombie
I'm Taking You With MeMake a super kill during a weeklong outside of a night mission. Super killing is defined as killing 1+ Humans immediately after your Death Timer expires. VeteranZombie
Pushing the SnowballMake multiple kills in one day of a weeklong (This cannot be earned by OZs that are disguised for these kills)VeteranZombie
Maximum OverdriveHave 5+ kills in a 12-hour period of a weeklong (This cannot be earned by OZs that are disguised at any time during the 12 hours)VeteranZombie
*Actually* the OZActually be the OZ in a Weeklong.VeteranZombie
Trust NobodyMake a super kill at a hold. Super killing is defined as killing 1+ Humans immediately after your Death Timer expires.VeteranZombie
Curtain CallKill the final human alive in a final hold.VeteranZombie
Expert HunterMake 3+ kills in a single Weeklong.VeteranZombie
Alpha PredatorHave the most kills at the end of a single Weeklong. Must have 3+ to qualify.VeteranZombie
Dropping the HammerKill the last human alive in a Weeklong.VeteranZombie
ModifiedBe a moderator for a Weeklong or Invitational.VeteranNeutral
War VeteranAttend 50+ Missions.VeteranNeutral
War ExpertAttend 100+ Missions.VeteranNeutral
Long Game AuthorHave a long game you wrote be run by the club.VeteranNeutral
Over so soon?Be part of a Weeklong that ends more than 24 hours early.VeteranNeutral


VictorWin the UMBC HvZ Hunger Games.LegendaryHuman
Die Like A HeroDie during the final night mission of a weeklong that ends in human victoryLegendaryHuman
Rags to RichesBe the first Human to die in one Weeklong and be either the last Human alive or survive to a Human victory in the next.LegendaryHuman
Riches to RagsBe either the last Human alive or survive to a Human victory in one Weeklong... and the first Human dead in the next.LegendaryHuman
The Last of HumanityBe the last Human alive during a Weeklong.LegendaryHuman
Angel of DeathGet at least 10 kills in a single weeklong.LegendaryZombie
Legendary HunterHave 25+ total kills across all weeklongs you have played inLegendaryZombie
Final FormBe the first human dead, the last human alive, and an OZ across three separate Weeklongs in the same school year, not necessarily in that order.LegendaryNeutral
Have a Gold StarPerform a feat worthy of a Legendary Acheivement. Must be witnessed and approved by a moderator.LegendaryNeutral
Graphic Design is my PassionSubmit a picture or piece of art and have it picked to be used in an official capacity.LegendaryNeutral
I Need that on a ShirtHave your T-shirt design selected for club T-shirtsLegendaryNeutral
War MasterAttend 250+ Missions.LegendaryNeutral

Retired Achievements

The achievement system was overhauled and restarted in the Spring 2016 semester after a long period of inactivity. The following achievements belong to the old system and are displayed here in remeberance of the Veterans who earned them.

~Note that, as they are retired, none of these achievements will be awarded~

The OneLast human alive of Game 2 of the 2011-2012 HvZ Season.RetiredHuman
I Won Game 1 of the 2011-2012 HvZ Season and All I Got was This Lousy AchievementWinner of Game 1 of the 2011-2012 HvZ Season. All they got was this lousy achievement.RetiredHuman
Hope Beyond HopeComplete a mission after the majority of the humans have given up on the objective.RetiredHuman
Triple TapBe the final human alive during a long game with a medkit in pocket.RetiredHuman
Brave Sir WoolsonBravely run away. (You must be nominated for this achievement.)RetiredHuman
My kill count is too damn high!In a long game, make 5x more kills than the average zombie who made a kill.RetiredZombie
Saved By the BellMake a kill (or be fed) with less than 30 minutes on your feed timer.RetiredZombie
OZ magnet [RETIRED]Win 2 long games in which you have a close relationship with an OZRetiredNeutral
Rule of CoolImpress the admins.RetiredNeutral
Rise From the AshesDie, get saved, die again, and get saved again. Being saved includes but is not limited to medkits, NPC actions, and admins revoking a kill.RetiredNeutral
No divingFall into the Library pond accidentally. MUST BE AN ACCIDENT.RetiredNeutral
Leap FrogPlay a game of leap frog. Bonus points for playing leap frog as human, more if leap frogging over stunned zombies.RetiredNeutral
If it Talks like a Pirate...Arrrr Mate! So ye came to our TLAPD mission! May the wind be at your sails and the zombies be shot!RetiredNeutral
Have a CookieRead the rules. (And I mean actually reading them.)RetiredNeutral