Meet the Admins

Current Officer Board

PositionPerson EmailCell Phone Number
President Joseph Fusco (443) 462-2970
Vice President Ryan Gutzat (302) 276-5851
Treasurer Nicholas Schaffer (240) 409-4448
Secretary Matthew Grant (240) 401-7722
Recruitment & Advertising Alexis Mincolelli (973) 715-7825
Webmaster Kyle Mosier (443) 545-9148

For general help, email the officers at

Current Subofficers

Nancy BoltonAaron ReamerCaroline Cocca
Chris GoodwinRyan KwakNick Hestnes
Caleb ZivJack BurnettCharlie Fox
Travis Amtower

Subofficers have the right to make calls on deaths, holds, etc, even when playing.
If you believe a Subofficer has abused this power, please contact the officers.

Web Committee

Kyle MosierTravis AmtowerAaron Reamer

The Web Committee is currently run by our webmaster, Kyle Mosier.

The Web Committee is responsible for maintaining and developing our club's website. For technical help, please contact a web committee member (if you are in contact with them) or the officers.