Meet the Admins

Current Officer Board

PositionPerson EmailCell Phone Number
President Fernando Chicas (240)-280-4215
Vice President Ian Moon (240)-618-0268
Treasurer Seth Ramsland (443)-924-8732
Secretary Alexandra (Sasha) Kleeman (443)-863-0826
Recruitment & Advertising Pauly Dillingham (443)-630-1393

For general help, email the officers at

Current Subofficers

Alex HoltzEli Kramer-SmythFernando Chicas
Chara HunterDelia TeterSeth Ramsland

Subofficers have the right to make calls on deaths, holds, etc, even when playing.
If you believe a Subofficer has abused this power, please contact the officers.

Web Committee

Fernando ChicasSarah Clarke
Eli Kramer-SmythSeth Ramsland

The Web Committee is responsible for maintaining and developing our club's website. For technical help, please contact a web committee member (if you are in contact with them) or the officers.