Bond Weeklong Day 1 Recap

Posted by about a month ago

Welcome to the Weeklong Gif recap! These will be posted nightly after the mission! Without further ado...

There were quite a lot of people at Late Night to celebrate the start of the Weeklong.

Five minutes after Midnight there was no one to be found...

Not a lot happened at the day mission and it seemed like the OZs weren't planning to make a lot of kills. Boy were we wrong.

The night mission required Humans to escort other agents. Many of which found themselves in... predicaments.

Zombies won in the end but Humans still managed to complete a few of their objectives so as a reward basters have been unlocked and more objectives will be made available during tomorrows day mission. Speaking of, Humans will have a day mission tomorrow from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm on the UC Balcony. Zombies will have a day mission from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm at the Sherman/ACIV Underpass. Good luck agents. And be careful, it's possible a mole may still be among your ranks...

Weekly Gif Recap #1 - The First Week of HvZ

Posted by Cameron about a month ago

The first mission of the semester was a success!

There were quite a few humans at the start of the mission... and a lot of zombies by the end.

Monday's mission was An Arm and a Leg and the humans had to bring Dr. Doom and actual arm and a leg. Get it?

Anyway, Thursday's mission was Back to Training and the humans had to complete several tasks for the mods. One of those was to show the mod a supering human. Laura volunteered as a sacrifice.

...but the zombies caught on and didn't want to tag her at first.

Afterwards Jess activated Marcus's final task which made the other two mods super zombies. They really enjoyed chasing the humans.

In the end the humans managed to complete the hold and claim victory!

Roadblock and Trust Recap

Posted by Christian about a month ago

Hey, everyone! Hopefully you all enjoyed the missions despite a bit of rain! If you have any feedback for this week's missions, make sure to submit it here. Also, don't forget that elections are currently in progress! Check the sidebar for the link to the voting page. Finally, the last weeklong of the year will take place next week! If you haven't signed up, please attend our open officer meeting to do so. Check the home page for the time and location.

And here's the GIF Recap!

Monday - Roadblock
Zombies quickly began discussing how to use the roadblock mechanic.

... but had a bit of difficulty making sure they were in multiples of three.

The zombies distracted the humans so Laura could reveal as OZ

Thank you to everyone who helped us take pictures after the mission!

Thursday - Trust
The humans quickly scattered after Cameron revealed.

Not enough stayed behind to keep the escort moving

The number of OZs was doubled for the second round...

... and the hold was OZ reveal chaos.

See you all for the weeklong!

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep and That's So Fetch Recap

Posted by Laura about a month ago

Hello, everyone! We hope you all enjoyed this week's missions! As always, if you have any feedback for this week's missions, you can submit it here. If you're interested in running for an officer position next year, please email the officers with a one-paragraph bio about why we, the club, should vote for you! Please submit it before April 7th, which is also when debates will be.

Here is your GIF Recap!

Monday - Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
The Mission for both Humans and Zombies was to heard sheep...

...but this was not easy for either side because if you touched the sheep, you died.

The Humans had most of the sheep at one point in their hold...

...but the Zombies somehow killed all the Humans and retrieved all six sheep.

Thursday - That's So Fetch
Katy needed us to find her Vodquila all over campus. At least 40 bottles of it...

Chris B. threw a bottle at a someone that was not a mod...

The Humans tried to have a campfire on the Quad.

See you all next week!

Brood Babies and Veni Vidi Vici Recap

Posted by Laura about a month ago

Good afternoon, everyone! We hope you all enjoyed this week's missions! As always, if you have any feedback for this week's missions, you can submit it here. Weeklong #4 is coming up on April 11th; if you're interested in submitting a game, please email the officers with all relevant files by Saturday at 11:59:59PM.

Aaaaaand here is your GIF Recap, courtesy of Chase Potter!

Monday - Brood Babies
Trevor tried to hide behind the respawn during the final hold, but was found by Jay.

Chris dodged all of the zombies while stunning them and pulled off a Sirrick-tory.

Thursday - Veni Vidi Vici
Katy immediately found and took away the emperor to try and prevent the humans from using him.

All players, zombie and human alike, we're fighting over who the emperor was to follow.

Jackson got a dart stuck in the wall in Meyerhoff and we had to get it down.

See you all next week!