The Rules

If you're new, please let the officers know at the mission. We are here to help you and will provide a more in-depth explanation of the rules

Basic Club Rules:

1.) Don't be a douchebag!
2.) Classes come first.
3.) Use common sense; think before you act.
4.) Ask if you have questions; don't assume.
5.) No realistic-looking weaponry.
6.) Don't use blasters indoors.
7.) No vehicles during gameplay.

The Constitution

Link to the offical Constitution.


Link to the offical HvZ bylaws.

Gameplay Basics:

The Sides:

Regardless of your preferences, you must play your current side. Humans should not 'suicide' by running into a zombie horde, and zombies should not actively help humans with their objectives.


Humans wear a bandanna between their elbow and the shoulder and are equipped with blasters, socks, darts, etc. Humans attempt to complete mission objectives (outlined at the beginning of each mission) while surviving the horde by stunning zombies with their equipment.


Unstunned zombies wear a bandanna around their head, while stunned zombies wear a bandanna around their neck - zombies are only armed with their bodies. Zombies attempt to prevent humans from completing their objectives by wiping them out. An *unstunned* zombie can kill a human by tagging them or their clothes, however, tagging a human's blaster does not count.


When a human is killed by a zombie, they become a super-human and are 'dying'; they wear their bandannas as humans. Super-humans are not considered human or zombie, and thus cannot complete human objectives or kill humans. However, super-humans may stun zombies or attempt to sneak into a group of humans in order to kill them when they become a zombie. After a specified period of time, a super-human becomes an unstunned zombie. If a super-human is tagged by an unstunned zombie, they instantly become a stunned zombie for the remainder of their death timer.

NOTE: Bandannas must be brightly-colored and contrast with worn clothing. They must be visible from as many angles as possible and not be obscured by hair or clothing


The following equipment is allowed:
  • All off-the-shelf NERF/Buzz Bee/Worker blasters
  • Modded NERF/Buzz Bee/Worker dart and disc blasters*
  • All off-the-shelf NERF/Buzz Bee/Worker darts, discs, and balls*
  • Modded NERF/Buzz Bee/Worker darts and discs*
  • Rolled and taped socks
The following equipment is not allowed:
  • Anything related to Paintball
  • Anything related to Airsoft
  • Blowguns
  • CO2 blasters
  • Melee weapons**
* - Subject to officer approval, see the FAQs page
** - Is occasionally allowed during specific events and is subject to officer approval

Standard Object Rules:

The following rules apply for anyone carrying objectives:

1.) Players can only interact with in-game objects of their respective side
2.) Objects must be carried, visible, and not concealed in bags
3.) If a zombie is stunned or a human is killed while in possession of an object, it must be placed on the nearest lit path

Types of Super-Zombies:

Many missions contain super-zombies, these are the most common types:

1.) Assassin: Self-stuns after killing a human, restrictions vary
2.) Root: A tagged human must kneel for 30 seconds but can use equipment
3.) Disarm: A tagged human cannot use equipment for 30 seconds but can run
4.) Paralysis: A tagged human must kneel and cannot defend themself for 30 seconds
5.) Witches: Same as Rooters but scream before charging
6.) Line-of-Sight: Will only chase humans it can see.
7.) Radius: Will only chase humans within a certain radius of it.
8.) Unrestricted: May chain-kill any number of humans and has no movement restrictions

Other types exists, and may be used.

Please remember that admins are volunteers. They are here for you. Please show them respect.

We all play this game to have a good time. Do not take it so seriously that you impede other players' ability to have a good time

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