What is HvZ?

Check out the "Premise" section of our home page.

What are the rules?

Check out our rules page.

Where are meetings held?

Check out the "Mission Info" section of our home page.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

HvZ is obligation free! You are welcome to attend as many or as few missions as you like. However, be aware that in order to be counted as a voting member of the club for the purpose of voting in elections you must attend at least 10 meetings during the year (not the semester).

Will equipment be provided?

Bandannas can always be provided by the club. You are welcome to bring your own if you're not keen on wearing a bandanna worn by other players, but we will always have enough to supply everyone who needs one.

While we do have a supply of club-owned blasters to lend, these blasters tend to be smaller, less-expensive blasters. It is recommended to find a blaster you like and purchase it yourself.

As far as ammunition is concerned, we do have a dart box, but there are a few regulations regarding this box; see the question regarding the box below for more details.

What's the dart box?

The dart box is where we keep darts that haven't been returned to their owner. If you have a marked dart that is not your own (see below for a notice on dart marking) and do not know who the dart belongs to, please deposit it in the dart box. Likewise, feel free to check the dart box for your own darts but please only take darts that have your marking on them or are *completely* unmarked.

What is a marked dart?

A dart is considered 'marked' if it has any symbols, markings, or words on it the original owner placed there to distinguish the dart as theirs. Players are encouraged to use a sharpie to mark the tip and/or the foam of the dart with a symbol, marking, or word of contrasting color to the dart. If you pick up a dart that bears a marking, either return it to the original owner or place it in the dart box so the original owner may find it.

Are equipment modifications allowed?

Equipment modifications are allowed as long as they meet the following criteria:


  • Blasters may *not* look realistic and must have a bright orange tip
  • Ammo fired from the blaster must *not* break skin
  • Darts fired from a blaster may *not* travel faster than 120 feet per second

  • The foam portion of a dart must be at least twice as long as the tip
  • The tip may *not* be moddified in any way
  • The tip must be compressible
  • Darts must remain hollow
  • No hot glue may be used in dart modification

  • Socks may only be cut in half, no smaller
  • Be aware that while you are allowed to attach strings to your socks, they will not count as a stunning weapon unless the sock and everything attached to it leaves your hand completely.


Who should I contact if I need something?

If you need something, you should contact the officers. You can talk to them before, during, or after a mission at the meeting location or email them at umbchvzofficers@gmail.com. You can also contact the officers on Facebook.

Also, feel free to come to the open officer meetings. Check the home page for the time and location.

How are player disputes handled?

Player disputes do happen. Sometimes a human will honestly think they stunned the zombie, while the zombie honestly thinks they killed the human.

If you wish to dispute, alert the person with whom you wish to dispute and wait until the current encounter is over. Once the encounter finishes, you should attempt to solve the disupte yourself. If both parties refuse to budge, call over an officer or a subofficer. If the club moderator isn't able to reach a definitive option they will either rule that neither the human is dead, nor the zombie stunned, or tell the two parties to play a game of rock, paper, scissors (best out of 1) for the stun/kill.

What is a weeklong?

Twice a semester we hold a weeklong game. As their name suggests, these games last from 12:00 am on Monday until around 9:00 pm on Friday. These games do require registration and all players participating to have created an account on the website.

Much more information will be given at in-person briefings when a weeklong game is approaching.

What defines an encounter?

An encounter is defined as a skirmish between at least one human and at least one zombie, or at least one super-human and at least one zombie.

An encounter is defined as over when all zombies within one building length *and* eye-sight have stopped pursuit, or when all humans in the immediate area are dead.