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Vice President:



Fernando Chicas -



Recruitment & Advertising/PR:


Web Committee:

Seth Ramsland - I am a sophomore and a computer science major, which I think is what is being looked for in terms of academic age and major. I also plan to be in this club until I graduate, and assuming it goes well, the Web Committee role as well.

Patrick Gomes - I have been a member and I am actively cleaning up the database, which I feel I need to finish.

Jay Buckwalter - I'm a comp sci major, so I kinda know what I'm doing

Sarah Clarke - Helped with the development of website V3. Being familiar with the code already will make it easier to maintain V2 and continue developing V3.

Eli Kramer-Smyth - I'm good at quickly picking up learning code bases when I'm motivated, and I feel that with the big changes that will be happening to the Web Committee I can help things continue to run smoothly.

Kyle Mosier - In a continuation of this role I've fulfilled for the past 5 years, I am once again running for web committee, likely for the final time, to serve in a transitional role next semester to help support and train new web committee members on how to keep this website running (relatively speaking) smoothly. The endgoal is that the newer people can completely take over in the future so that the next generation of HvZ players and admins can continue to benefit from this tool.

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